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Developing a growth mindset helps students persevere through challenges and push themselves to keep improving. Students can learn that intelligence isn't fixed

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A big part of being a school counselor is helping students develop the skills they need to succeed in school and life.

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Feelings Thermometer Counseling

The Ultimate Counseling Tool

Feelings Thermometer

A feelings thermometer is hands down the tool you will find yourself using again and again in counseling.

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Social Emotional Learning

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Social emotional learning is integral to all academic learning. Students need self awareness, coping skills, and positive relationships to be successful.


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Best Counseling Activities for Self Regulation Skills

As school counselors, you can help children develop the skills necessary to

Best Counseling Activities for Self Regulation Skills
Indirect Counseling Services – 13 Ways to a Bigger Impact
A Feelings Thermometer is the Ultimate Counseling Tool
Plan Individual School Counseling Sessions with Counseling Maps

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