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Aug 30

Help Students with Anxiety with KICK Plans

By Laura Driscoll | Cognitive Behavioral Therapy , Individual Counseling

In every classroom there are students with anxiety. Counselors and teachers can support these students with a simple school-based intervention that will take them step by step through managing their worries. Students will learn how to create a plan for recognizing their anxious thoughts and challenging them. Hello KICK PlansKICK stands for four steps: Knowing […]

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Aug 02

How to Develop a Behavior Plan

By Laura Driscoll | Behavior

When did you learn to how to write a behavior plan? Was it during your first year in your job? I must have missed the class in grad school where we went from all the theory behind challenging behaviors and actually learned to intervene. You missed that one too?  What I did learn quickly was that […]

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Jul 19

Teaching Kids to Tame Negative Thinking

By Laura Driscoll | Cognitive Behavioral Therapy , Individual Counseling

No school counselor would say that negative thinking is their top referral concern. BUT if you really stop for a second, isn’t it? Aren’t your little worriers filling their head with negative self-talk?  Isn’t anger often the result of some quick (automatic) negative thoughts?Just like building a student’s awareness of their feelings, it is important […]

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