Your tools to build social emotional skills

Your job is to help students grow - without resources, time, or support. It can feel like they forgot the magic fairy wand with that fancy diploma. Especially after that third crisis call on Friday afternoon.

That's where Social Emotional Workshop comes in. Packed with ready to use resources that will give you back the time and energy you need to do your job. I'm talking leaving on time, faculty meeting shout outs, thankful parent emails kind of stuff.

Skill Driven

Skill building activities that will help students move forward one step at a time.


The resources you can't imagine doing your job without. I mean, where has this feelings thermometer been all your life?

Ready Set Go

Breaking down big ideas into things you can do on Monday morning - after you finish bus duty.

Hi there - I'm Laura  

I’m a school psychologist who left her office (closet?) and got busy turning a decade of experience into ready to use counseling and SEL resources.

I live in New York City with my adventurous husband and relaxed to the max daughter who’ve grown to appreciate my love of a good checklist.

Former school psych? What happened?

In 2015, I burned out hard and gave my notice. I didn't know what I was going to do. I thought about a career change - somewhere they'd let me use the color printer. 

My husband, boyfriend at the time, saw an opening in my very planned life. He held his breath and suggested we travel for a year. To his shock, I started looking up the best travel backpacks. September came and our stuff went into storage, our dog went to my in laws in Montana, and we set out on a life-shifting path.

So there I am in Buenos Aires, eating steak and drinking wine and I can't stop thinking about how I let myself burnout.

The self-criticism was relentless.

I knew how it happened. I was trying to do all the things and running myself into the ground. I couldn't create the activities my students needed, finish the reports, respond to the crisis, manage the school RTI team. I pushed so hard that the only thing left to give was me. 

Social Emotional Workshop was started on my laptop in different corners of the world. At first, it was my way of finally taking the time to create the activities I knew students needed. Then it was blog posts and online communities to dig into the how of it all. Now there are conferences, books, and more planned based on everything you have told me you need.

Some years have passed, but my goal is still the same. Get you the resources you need to do your job.


A little bit more about me

in 5 random opinions

Having a kid = Good excuse to get more children's books

While she is still loving Goodnight Moon, I've got her on hooked on Today I Feel Silly: And Other Moods That Make My Day. 

Ball Pit Rooms for Adults

We need to look long and hard at all the cool stuff kids do and take it for ourselves. 

Happiness Isn't what you Planned

Pre 2015 - happiness was checking off life milestones.

Pre 2020 - happiness was trying to live on my terms. 

Now - happiness is getting married in a garden down the street because waiting for the world to cooperate is a bit futile.

Doing All the Self Care isn't Self Care

That's me drowning in all the self care.

How do people remember to drink enough water, go for a walk, eat right, and have good boundaries? It's impossible. Right?

Hot Soup in Hot Weather is pretty good

I wasn't on this train. But now I drink cold brew in the winter and eat hot soup in muggy Bangkok. Forget the rules.

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