Change is Good (and Horrifying)! 

By Laura Driscoll
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Change is Good and Horrifying

Just over three months ago, I decided that I needed a change from my position as a Special Education Director and School Psychologist. I wasn’t sure if that meant a different school or a different role within the education realm. While I was looking for positions that might take me in this fuzzy, undefined direction, I made an exciting and even more undefined decision. I decided to travel for the next year. Eek! It makes me nervous even writing it. My handsome partner in crime, Scotty Weeks, writes provocative, page-turning books and does web development. His office is wherever his laptop lands. So we decided come September we would leave our beloved city of New York.  Passport, laptop, backpack, and my diminished Spanish.

I finished school at the end of June and have until mid-September before we embark. While I had ideas of laying on the couch watching marathons on Netflix, sleeping in, and having mid-day margaritas, I realized that I have the incredible opportunity to spend this next year synthesizing a decade of work in education and mental health, and figuring out where I fit in that complicated machine.  That should probably take precedence over libations and Orange is the New Black.

I have spent the last month reading, tweeting, pinning, facebooking, and creating products for my new TPT Store.  It has been amazing to really think about my practice and my knowledge and how to share that with others.  Over the next year and beyond, I hope to become a resource to people within school-based mental health roles. Starting out, and even in my ninth year, there was always something new to learn.  Finding those desperately needed resources from people who knew something more than me was like air-conditioning during a oppressive New York summer.

Stay tuned.

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I’m a school psychologist who left her office (closet?) and got busy turning a decade of experience into ready to use counseling and SEL resources.

I live in New York City with my adventurous husband and relaxed to the max daughter who’ve grown to appreciate my love of a good checklist.

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  1. I’m a school counselor for Hollingsworth East Elementary in Eaton, Ohio. It’s a K-2 building. My building principal was just talking to me about how our teachers need more trainings on how to nurture the wounded child. She attended a workshop where they emphasized there’s no way to fully educate our students academically until they’re emotionally and socially educated as well. Would you be interested in possibly doing a training with our teachers? If so, what are your fees?
    Thank you,
    Tricia McGinnis

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