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Laura is a former school psychologist passionately trying to bring social-emotional learning to every student at every tier. Click here for hands-on resources for the classroom and counseling.

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Dec 04

Student-Centered Discipline Promotes Social Emotional Learning

By Laura Driscoll | Social Emotional Skills , Teacher Consultation

Student-centered discipline is the classroom management strategies that a teacher uses that are developmentally appropriate for their students and motivate their students to want to behave in the classroom. It is one of the 10 key teaching practices identified by The Center on Great Teachers and Leaders (GTL) that support social and emotional learning as […]

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Sad Woman Closeup
Jan 04

Getting Teachers to Implement your Amazing Behavior Plan

By Laura Driscoll | Behavior , Teacher Consultation

Why won’t teachers implement my behavior plans? You completed a lengthy and thorough Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA) and you made a behavior plan with perfect reinforcers. The student is even excited about the plan. Yes! Initial buy-in! You convince parents that this will help their child, not make them look different. You meet with the teacher and go over […]

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Jun 18

A Unique and Inspirational Graduation Address

By Laura Driscoll | College

Donovan Livingston, a Ed.M. 2016 graduate from Harvard’s Graduate School of Education, gave one of the more powerful 5 minute speeches on race, inequity, and education I have seen. Beautiful and inspirational. Lift off. “An injustice is telling them they are stars, Without acknowledging night that surrounds them. Injustice is telling them education is the […]

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Woman looking exasperated in meeting
Sep 04

3 MORE Ways to Build Relationships with Teachers

By Laura Driscoll | Teacher Consultation

As a school psychologist or school counselor, I need to build relationships with teachers to effectively support struggling students. I need a lot from teachers every day. patience with getting behavior plans implemented. confidence that the plans will work. mindfulness to carryover strategies into the classroom. grace with difficult parents. knowing nods when days did not go according to the […]

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Kids eating lunch
Aug 27

Scheduling Small Group Counseling in 8 Steps

By Laura Driscoll | Group Counseling

One of your primary responsibilities as a school counselor or psychologist is small group counseling. I use these groups to respond to specific student needs that pop up, to reinforce social-emotional learning, or to provide Tier 2 interventions. Developing activities for these groups presents its own challenges. However, organizing these groups was always my biggest struggle. Finding students, getting permission, scheduling […]

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