CBT Story: Telling Thoughts and Feelings Apart

This simple story about the first day of school lets you explore with students how thoughts or feelings are separate and can be changed. 





CBT Counseling Bundle

CBT Tools for School Counseling Bundle

8 Print and digital CBT activities for school counseling to workin on understanding their feelings, thoughts, and actions. Students will learn to identify negative thinking, change behaviors, and problem-solve in individual or group counseling.

Small Group Lesson: Thoughts, Feelings, and Behavior

This lesson helps students understand the connection between an event and our thoughts, feelings, emotions, behaviors, and consequences. They learn that a change in any of these can break the pattern of negative behaviors. 

Meet the Helper Squad: A CBT-Based Counseling Series

Introduce The Helper Squad to your elementary counseling students and cover core social-emotional skills like identifying feelings, using calming strategies, practicing positive self talk, setting goals, understanding others' perspectives, and resolving conflicts.

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