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Easy Behavior Plans
  • Use simple exercises, like forced choice surveys, to find what motivates students.
  • Design plans that are a fit for the student and the classroom.
  • Develop a library of behavior plan templates that you can use again and again.


Adding SEL
into My Day
  • Learn SEL routines that you can seamlessly add to your daily schedule.
  • Develop SEL teaching practices you can use in classroom lessons.
  • Improve your own social emotional skills.


Teaching Positive
Self Talk
  • Teach students to reflect on their self-talk and how it affects how they feel.
  • Teach students to spot and challenge different kinds of negative thinking.
  • Help them build positive self-talk habits they can take with them.

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    About Laura

    I'm a former school psychologist turned curriculum developer and trainer. I'm driven to make it easier for educators to support students' social and emotional growth. It consumes my thoughts all the time. You help kids be the best versions of themselves. What an amazing thing to get to do. I'm here to help you do it.