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Sep 04

3 MORE Ways to Build Relationships with Teachers

By Laura Driscoll | Teacher Consultation

As a school psychologist or school counselor, I need to build relationships with teachers to effectively support struggling students. I need a lot from teachers every day. patience with getting behavior plans implemented. confidence that the plans will work. mindfulness to carryover strategies into the classroom. grace with difficult parents. knowing nods when days did not go according to the […]

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Aug 27

Scheduling Small Group Counseling in 8 Steps

By Laura Driscoll | Group Counseling

One of your primary responsibilities as a school counselor or psychologist is small group counseling. I use these groups to respond to specific student needs that pop up, to reinforce social-emotional learning, or to provide Tier 2 interventions. Developing activities for these groups presents its own challenges. However, organizing these groups was always my biggest struggle. Finding students, getting permission, scheduling […]

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Aug 05

Change is Good (and Horrifying)!

By Laura Driscoll | About Me

Just over three months ago, I decided that I needed a change from my position as a Special Education Director and School Psychologist. I wasn’t sure if that meant a different school or a different role within the education realm. While I was looking for positions that might take me in this fuzzy, undefined direction, I made […]

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Aug 04

Welcome to Social Emotional Workshop

By Laura Driscoll | About Me

Hi! Welcome to Social Emotional Workshop. This blog is a dedicated to being a resource for counselors, psychologists, teachers, and other educators supporting students with social, emotional, and behavioral learning. I’m Laura, a former school psychologist living in New York City. I was also a special education director and ran a camp site for students on […]

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